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Lawyer-bots are shaking up jobs

AI is augmenting and automating the tasks currently performed by hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. alone. Meticulous research, deep study of case law, and intricate argument-building—lawyers have used similar methods to ply their trade for hundreds of years. But they’d better watch out, because artificial intelligence is moving in on the field. […]

Could AI Transform China’s Legal System?

Faxin works for China’s Supreme People’s Court, sifting through reports and identifying laws and guidelines relevant to cases ranging from traffic incidents to bankruptcies. But Faxin is no typical judicial assistant — it is an online artificial-intelligence (AI) platform designed by the Supreme People’s Court Press and Beijing-based big-data company Gridsum Technology. The platform, officially […]

Singapore central bank to consult financial firms on implications of artificial intelligence and data analytics

Singapore’s central bank will consult financial firms in the city state in a bid to better understand the implications of their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, according to a report in the local press. According to The Business Times, the consultation being undertaken by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) could lead […]

Microsoft built an AI-powered iOS app to help you learn Chinese

Language-learning apps are nothing new, with offerings from MIT and Duolingo ready to teach you a new way to communicate right on your phone. Now Microsoft is looking to teach you Chinese with a free new AI-powered iOS app. The idea here is to provide users with a way to practice the Chinese language in […]

AI Enters Singapore Law Firm

The WongPartnership is the first Singapore law firm to harness artificial intelligence and document automation. It is not only the financial sector that is facing technology challenges, the legal sector is also being infiltrated. As part of WongPartnership’s legal technology vision, the firm has deployed artificial intelligence (AI) and document automation technology to enhance and […]

Singapore launches AI.SG initiative to boost AI capabilities

Artificial intelligence is the trending tech topic of the year and Singapore’s government doesn’t want to miss out. That’s the motivation behind AI.SG, a new initiative announced during the Innovfest Unbound conference by minister for communications and information, Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim.