Singapore lawyers back national IT plan

A world-first initiative to drag an entire jurisdiction into the digital age is under way in Singapore. The Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP), organised by the agency responsible for developing the country’s legal profession, will encourage firms to adopt new technology, bring lawyers and entrepreneurs together and help ‘lawtech’ startups. FLIP, launched last week by the […]

Decoding Artificial Intelligence: What Does It Really Mean For Lawyers?

Legal AI takes many forms, and is particularly useful in tasks that involve answering standard and recurring questions from information contained in significant data sets. The following are examples of what that looks like in a real-world law firm: eDiscovery. Legal AI has perhaps seen the most success in the realm of eDiscovery. Since businesses have […]

Singapore officials to face tough new penalties for data breaches

Public servants in Singapore who disclose residents’ personal data without authorisation will face up to two years in jail or fines of up to S$5,000 (US$3,750) under new legislation. The criminal penalties were introduced in the Public Sector (Governance) Bill, which was passed by the Singapore Parliament on Monday. The new law will also penalise […]

Employee Handbooks In China: Why You Should Have One

In many Western countries, written employee handbooks have been standard practice for most employers for decades. These handbooks provide a uniform set of guidelines that the employer follows in terms of employee dress codes, vacation policies, procedures and grounds regarding discipline and termination of employees, and a whole host of other issues that may arise […]

Brinks Gilson First Global Firm to Open Office in Shenzhen

Chicago-based intellectual property specialist firm Brinks Gilson & Lione has opened its first office outside the United States in the Chinese technology hub city of Shenzhen. Shareholder Harold Johnson has relocated from Chicago to be the firm’s chief representative there and manage the office. Johnson, a litigator, is joined by associate Fei Hu, a China […]

For Facebook and Alphabet, the Road to China Comes with Conditions

For Facebook and Alphabet, the Road to China Comes with Conditions

China is the largest consumer market of any country in the world: With 1.37 billion citizens and counting, it has 18% of the global population. This has drawn the attention of some of the world’s largest companies seeking to capitalize on its rich opportunities. Even more enticing are its 751 million internet users, many of […]

Newly Established “International Litigation Chamber” to Hear Patent and Other IP Cases in Foreign Languages

Newly Established "International Litigation Chamber" to Hear Patent and Other IP Cases in Foreign Languages

On November 24, 2017, the Korean National Assembly passed an amendment to the Court Organization Act (the “Amendment”), which will take effect in May 2018. Importantly, the Amendment establishes a new international litigation chamber (the “International Litigation Chamber”) within the Korean District Courts and the Patent Court, in which IP cases may be heard entirely […]

An Insightful Perspective: Interview With Toby Landau QC 

Prakash Pillai conducted an exclusive interview with Toby Landau QC, a renowned British lawyer and arbitration expert who is the first Queen’s Counsel (QC) to be called to the Singapore Bar since the independence of Singapore. Mr. Landau’s admission to the Singapore Bar has been described as “a historic occasion in the legal history of […]