Exploring The Frontier In Securities Litigation In China 

Following the rapid development of the Shanghai / Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (“SSE / SZSE”) and the ChiNext Market (“ChiNext”) in China over recent years, an increasing number of judgments on the issue of misrepresentation relating to securities (e.g. fraudulent listing, fictitious profit etc.) have been reported. Meanwhile, as of 2016, after the “Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on the Trial of Cases of Civil Compensation Arising out of False Presentation in Securities Markets” (“Misrepresentation Provisions”) entered into force in 2003, more than 110 cases regarding securities misrepresentations have been filed before competent courts in China, of which more than 40 have resulted in judgments. In 2017, the Xintai Electric fraudulent listing case has blazed the trail for securities misrepresentation claims regarding ChiNext listed companies. In this article, we will illustrate the key factors in disputes arising out of securities misrepresentation claims in the Chinese market.

Source: Exploring The Frontier In Securities Litigation In China – Key Factors In Ascertaining Misrepresentation In The Chinese Securities Market – Corporate/Commercial Law – China