Litigation Edge has selected Nuix to process electronic data and execute eDiscovery Plans

Litigation Edge utilizes Nuix for processing electronic data and for executing eDiscovery Plans agreed by parties under Part V of the Singapore Practice Directions (“Part V eDiscovery Plans”) .

When we have conducted processing and search benchmarks, we found the patented Nuix indexing engine could process faster than any other technology and handle more document types – more than 350 formats in total. Nuix’s forensic abilities, such as searching deleted data, make it great for finding evidence that someone has deliberately tried to hide. So far, our experience has borne out Nuix’s claim that its software can find and index the data other technologies can’t.

The data analytics features in Nuix are most useful in scenarios where we know little about a computer or data source except that it may contain evidence of wrongdoing. These analytic features include the ability to identify names of all companies the suspect had dealings with and to present a network diagram of all individuals the suspect exchanged emails with, within a certain period, about a certain subject. They provide rapid insights into the evidence which help lawyers and their clients make informed decisions (to sue or not to sue), and save time and money.

Build Confidence Into Your eDiscovery Workflow

Nuix’s suite of powerful, integrated eDiscovery solutions provides proven reliability across the entire legal discovery process. Nuix technology rapidly gives you a single, unified view into the widest variety of data sources so you can make informed decisions.

  • Operationalize eDiscovery as a repeatable end-to-end business process through legal hold, collection, processing, search and analysis, culling, review, and production
  • Pinpoint critical data for regulatory and legal inquiries, providing fact-based early case assessment to gain actionable insights
  • Have confidence in the integrity and legal defensibility of your discovery with the world’s leading search, analytics, and data management engine