Asia’s Premier Litigation Support, Paper & eDiscovery Specialists


​With over 40 years combined experience in litigation support, ediscovery and legal practice, Litigation Edge provides a unique one-stop solution for international law firms and litigation support service providers engaged in dispute matters in Asia.

Litigation Edge is particularly very well regarded for the leading and pioneering role it has played in Singapore eDiscovery, since the passing of the Singapore eDiscovery Practice Direction in October 2009. We are well-recognized thought leaders and speakers, but we are also practitioners with reasonable, cost-effective solutions and extensive backgrounds in Singapore eDiscovery and Litigation Support.

In 2009, the founders of Litigation Edge recognised the difficulty that the Singapore eDiscovery Practice Direction (Part V eDiscovery) presented to law firms trained in traditional paper‐based discovery, and embarked on a mission to provide the Singapore legal industry with the tools and education / training needed to overcome these difficulties.​

Unlike eDiscovery companies with forensic roots, Litigation Edge’s sole mission is the provision of eDiscovery and litigation support services and training to the legal industry. Our in-depth understanding of Part V eDiscovery issues and all the behind-the-scene work processes involved at the different stages of trial preparation, is what gives us an Edge in supporting Singapore law firms. ​

Our team provides comprehensive paper and electronic services which ensures that the full benefits of working electronically are harnessed by law practices not just at the discovery stage but throughout the life cycle of the dispute matter, from digitization at early stages, right through to electronic archiving. ​

In Singapore, we are the only electronic discovery consulting company that also operates an in-house litigation support bureau for document digitization and coding/indexing services. As such, our services are often engaged in document intensive dispute matters where Part V eDiscovery has not been initiated. ​

Our services are highly valued in the following scenarios: 

1. When you need an Asian team who is well versed in Asian documents, culture, language, and who possesses an in-depth appreciation of document review and discovery requirements; ​
2. When the paper or electronic documents to be collected and processed for review are located in Asia;
3. When you need an Asian litigation support bureau to provide onsite project management of projects involving the scanning and coding of voluminous paper documents (eg FCPA or other corrupt practices investigations or anton pilars);
4. When the evidence cannot leave the Asian jurisdiction and has to be hosted in an Asian jurisdiction, for reasons of privacy, industry regulations or the confidential nature of the content.