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Exploring The Frontier In Securities Litigation In China 

Following the rapid development of the Shanghai / Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market (“SSE / SZSE”) and the ChiNext Market (“ChiNext”) in China over recent years, an increasing number of judgments on the issue of misrepresentation relating to securities (e.g. fraudulent listing, fictitious profit etc.) have been reported. Meanwhile, as of 2016, after the “Provisions of […]

The Draft Amendment of the Administrative Litigation Act: An Additional Clause on Participation of Experts

Taiwan September 30 2017 – Since the Intellectual Property Court (“IP Court”) has its own Technical Examination Officers (“TEO”), it is the public’s observation that this court has been conservative with the parties’ petition to summon expert witnesses to court. Although, Tsai Hui-Ru, the Division-Chief Judge of the IP Court, explained a new civil procedure trial […]

Circuit Says Chinese Contractors Not Immune to Grand Jury Subpoena

A group of workers contracted by the Chinese government to work in the United States were unable to have a grand jury subpoena quashed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Sept. 8. The panel of Circuit Judges John Walker Jr. and Debra Ann Livingston and U.S. District Judge Vincent Briccetti of […]

Chinese Agencies Announce Plan to Audit Privacy Policies of Ten Popular Online Services

On July 26, four Chinese agencies, the Cyberspace Administration of China (“CAC”), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”), the Ministry of Public Security (“MoPS”), and the National Standards Committee, announced their plan to begin the government’s campaign to improve the protection of personal information, according to Xinhua News Agency (link is in Chinese).  […]

China’s Cybersecurity Law Influences Tech Giants

There has been a growing global trend regarding the security and sovereignty of digital data – building facilities that store online data closer to customers.  Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are among the big American technology companies building data centers in Germany, the Netherlands, France and other countries. While some of the expansion is for technical […]

Singapore releases overarching Cybersecurity Bill for public consultation

Critical information infrastructure (CII) owners in Singapore must report security breaches, and cyber-security vendors providing highly sensitive services here will need to be licensed if a proposed Cybersecurity Bill gets the greenlight.

Singapore Ministry of Law and International Chamber of Commerce sign MOU to boost arbitration

Alexis Mourre, President of the ICC Court, Han Kok Juan, Deputy Secretary of MinLaw, John Danilovich, Secretary-General of ICC and Indranee Rajah SC, Senior Minister of State of MinLaw and Ministry of Finance

The Singapore Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) announced today that the ICC Court will set up a case management office in Singapore—aimed at boosting arbitration and serving the dispute resolution needs of businesses around the world.

Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards in the U.S. – Could a Court Abstain Due To “Inconvenience”? 

Forum non conveniens is one of several judicial abstention doctrines, applied from time to time by U.S. courts, that permit a court to dismiss (without prejudice) a plenary action in its discretion.  In a forum non conveniens case, the court’s jurisdiction is not in question, but the relative legal “inconvenience” of having the matter heard […]