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Chinese Antitrust Enforcement and the U.S.: an Uncertain Path 

As China‘s political and economic impact continues to grow around the world, U.S. regulators—including antitrust enforcers—have been forced to grapple with how to protect U.S. interests in a system sprung from a very different government ideology. This clash has played out in the antitrust context in the drafting, implementation and subsequent reaction to China‘s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML). How China has implemented the act has drawn criticism from the U.S. and others as to the lack of transparency in its decision-making process and adequacy of protections for foreign interests.

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Nixon Peabody Establishes a Presence in Singapore

Nixon Peabody has entered Singapore by launching an association with local boutique firm Angeline Suparto Law Corp.

The seven-lawyer Angeline Suparto focuses on cross-border transactions related to the Indonesian market. The firm operates in association with Jakarta-based Dau & Tuah. Founder Angeline Suparto started the firm in 2001.

Nixon Peabody‘s own presence in Singapore will be through a representative office at Angeline Suparto’s office. It is licensed only to engage in liaison or promotional work and not to provide legal services or conduct business activities in Singapore.

Source: Nixon Peabody Establishes a Presence in Singapore | International

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IP Litigation in China: Foreign Companies Still Face Challenges

Companies have always found China a challenging place to protect their intellectual property, but several recent studies have concluded that foreign patentees are achieving a high win rate—well above 80 percent—in patent infringement litigation in China. So does this mean it is now easier for international companies to protect their patents in China?

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External Investment in U.K. Law Firms Fuels Massive Revenue Growth

U.S. attorneys have spent the better part of two decades fruitlessly arguing over whether law firms should be permitted to have nonlawyer owners. But in the U.K., law firms are discovering that the presence of professional investors can be quite welcome.

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